Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Flowers

This zebra flower is made from 20 or so circles of fabric "smooshed" and glued onto a circle of felt, with a square jewel in the middle
The White flower with the gold ball in the middle is made from silk flowers that i found on clearance at Joann. I took two small white flowers and layered them on top of each other, then glued a gold sparkley ball on top.
This flower was made from a scrap of ribbon. i sewed the ends together to make a loop. After, I loosely basted one side of the ribbon to form the ribbon yo-yo. I used a jewel brad for the middle. And a magnet on the back to attach to bobbie pins.
I found a pattern for this crocheted flower, but i don't remember where. the middle of this flower is a black bead with a piece of tied yarn in the hole.
this last flower is special to me. The lace i used for this flower was also used to make my mom's wedding dress. I was looking though some old fabric and found this, it was extra so i got lucky :)
it was made from folding the long rectangular fabric in half (hot-dog style) and sewing the two ends together, bunching it together and randomly forming it into a bunched mound.

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