Friday, July 1, 2011

These flowers i made last year for my friend Mariah's birthday present. the black one and the purple/silver one are made in the same way. Circles cut from satin fabric, and the edges burnt.

The pink, purple, and green ones were also made in similar fashion. Cut apx 25 circles of the color desired. Then on the wrong side of the fabric put a dot of hot glue. then you proceed to "smoosh" the fabric so it creates a little "poof". After you have smoosed all the circles you want you cut a circle of harder fabric (i used Jeans) about half the size that you want the end flower. You start on the outside circle, hot glue the poofs around in a circle, then do a 2nd, third, and sometimes a 4th row on top of that. and it should give you a nice half circle, poofy flower. :D